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About JRL Engineering


Our Attitude Makes the Difference!

JRL's engineering work covers a broad spectrum of new and renovated facilities. While, JRL's current concentration is in Project Management, our work includes such diverse projects high rise office buildings, laboratories and other technologically sophisticated facilities. . JRL combines project knowledge and engineering skills to provide comprehensive engineering services safely, at a better value to our client, and with the economics of each task in mind. JRL offers: VERSATILITY: JRL provides a variety of consulting services. A STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE: JRL applies the highest standards to each project regardless of size. We incorporate the latest ideas and technologies to achieve cost effective, functional and environmentally responsive solutions. We balance technology environmental, social & economic factors with traditional ideals of workmanship & quality. Our record of performance remains exemplary. In over 25 years of service, we have never had any actions against us or our clients. CLIENT SATISFACTION: JRL believes in a team approach. Our Clients are active Project Team Members. Our ability to listen & communicate ensure sensitivity to your unique needs. Comprehensive study and evaluation of your requirements allows us to provide the innovative, thoughtful solutions necessary to make your project a success. We take great pride in all of our past work. We invite you to talk to our satisfied clients.

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