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Ronald EasonJRL Engineering Consortium was founded by Ronald Eason in 1979  Ron, President of JRL, was an Aeronautical engineer, who began his career with NASA where he was assigned engineering functions in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs.  He was heavily involved in the design of thrusters, booster rockets, the lunar ascent engine and space travel equipment which eventurally led up to the successful first Moon Landing.  Ron provided engineering services to a high number of large recognizable companies both before and after starting his business.

Ron a devoted family man, was dedicated to engineering and to the company he formed.  He was respected and admired by his colleagues.  He was trusting and generous bringing much to the lives he touched both personally and professionally.  Ron was involved in his community. He participated in a number organizations. Whether it was Improved family life, bettering the community, advancing engineering or flying, Ron was an active and enthusiastic participant.

Ron's one indulgence was his love of flying but even then he did not let his engineering talent go to waste.  He designed some very unique and specialized equipment for the plane he was building.  He demonstrated his care, precision and enthusiasm  both in his work and his hobbies. Ron took his final flight in April 2009 after a courageous two year battle with cancer. Those who remain hope to carry on the work ethic Ron demonstrated.

Ron's Philosophy

James Eason (Jim) has assumed the role of President in JRL management since his brother's passing.  Jim is also Vice President of JRL Executive Recruiters, a partner comany.  Jim has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Is a Registered Professional Engineer In several states. Jim has an extensive engineering history, has directed projects and performed construction supervision, inspection and project management duties in commercial & governmental developments, industrial, manufacturing, and design and construction of facilities throughout the United States. 

Liane Benway Director of JRL's Architectural and Technical Services Division, earned a five year Bachelor's Degree from the University of Oregon's Architecture and Allied Arts Program. She also attended the University of Colorado for work towards a Master's in Architecture. Liane is JRL's "creative arm" and "computer consultant" with talents in several design and construction related fields. Liane has been a Project Director for multi-million dollar building projects with experience in both the public and private sectors. She manages JRL's computer related installations and upgrades. Liane is in charge of JRL's West Coast projects and Washington DC activities.

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