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Engineering Contract Process

JRL Engineering provides engineering and design services based on a scope of work that our customers write. If needed, we can assist in planning and developing a scope of work to provide engineering for a prospective client. Engineering and technical services can be provided on a fixed fee or hourly. We can work at your facility or ours.

JRL's service is competitively priced among professional firms. Since each project commissioned is unique JRL has a variety of fee arrangements available depending on the type of project involved. Generally one or more meetings are required to determine the scope and variables of a proposed project. The fee is usually determined by JRL's detailed analysis of the work involved and the time required to execute it. OR, by our estimate of the work amount of work which can be done within a fixed fee set by the client. In all situations, our clients know the fee amount and payment terms in advance of commissioning work

The fee agreement is included in a written proposal sent to the client before the project is commissioned, and will not be exceeded for the work detailed in the proposal.

Out-of-pocket expenses (reimburseables), if not included in the fixed or hourly fee, are recharged at cost generally within a figure discussed with the client in advance. Reimburseables include such items as printing drawings and specifications, project related travel, and other project specific expenses.

Generally speaking,fees for various categories are as follows:

  • Contract Engineering and design is offered to serve your occasional needs on a periodic basis. This service is most often offered on an hourly basis. However, fixed fee charges can be offered when mutually agreed terms are defined. J.R.L. will provide you with engineers able to do complete or partial projects, if that's what you need. Our first priority is to define the scope of work. A well defined scope of work will assist in controlling costs. As well as being cost efficient, our contract engineering service will be tailored to your company's needs.
  • Consulting Engineering: J.R.L. will provide a fixed cost fee for services when a scope of project design is well defined. Projects with a complex scope of design can be engineered and designed on a mutually agreed hourly or percent of construction cost fee basis.
  • CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: If you have already engineered and prepared your own specifications and drawings, J.R.L. will provide a management team to monitor construction, conduct quality control inspections and issue quality control procedures. We will prepare efficient construction CPM and closely monitor the contractor's efforts to meet your schedules. This service is most often provided on an hourly fee basis.
  • Construction Field Engineering and design is needed when unknown design related interfaces are anticipated during construction and contractor coordination is required, or when drawing/design interpretation is required. This is most often provided on a contract or hourly basis.
  • Engineering and Technical Temporary Contract Personnel: Offered for an hourly rate, J.R.L. will provide you with the services your company needs, even at your requested location. Once we identify your company's need, we are prepared to fill it with first-rate service. This service is provided to solve temporary long-term engineering and design demands throughout the year.

This flexible and realistic approach gives the client control over their project spending.