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Candidates: First Steps

Do your part. Here are your first steps:

  • Make a list of your key accomplishments, not your responsibiliies, at your last job. Make this as long as you want. Now, dollarize them. That is, figure out or find out how much each accomplishment was worth to your employer. For example, "Redesigned Line 3 production process for 10% greater output, which increased annual revenue by $49,000.
  • Repeat this process for each of your last three jobs.
  • Go through the list, and pick the best of the items for each of the last three jobs.
  • Revise your resume, with this in mind. Keep your resume to no more than two pages.
  • Decide what it is you do. This needs to be short. Are you a power engineer? An IT project manager? That is your goal or job objective. Make it as specific as possible.
  • Contact former co-workers and supervisors, and ask for letters of reference. Try to get at least three from each job.
  • Next, fill out the information request or contact us. We will guide you through the rest of the process.

Major points to remember:   Your resume doesn't get you the job. But, it can prevent you from getting it.  We work with you personally, not on a "pass the resume basis."  However, we do want to ensure you have a strong, verifiable resume.

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