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The Hire Right Process

Our Process for aiding our client to

JRL will complete a comprehensive screening and coordination process in your behalf to supply only the best talent available for your consideration.  We accept a fee only when our candidate is hired. In order to provide a full understanding of what JRL does to earn the fee charged to your company, we provide the following detailed summary.

DETERMINING YOUR NEEDS: We will interview you for information about your company. Our interview will focus on obtaining a complete job description for the available position(s) including primary duties and responsibilities, skills, experience and educational requirements. We will ask for complete compensation and benefits package data. We will discuss your previous and present efforts to hire someone to avoid wasteful redundancy. We will discuss the background of the last two persons in a similar position to identify potential strengths and weakness in future candidates. We will, with your cooperation, explore desireable personality and character traits. Your interviewing methodology, hiring process and target hiring date will also be important considerations to our recruitment planning. Your needs are best served if we have a complete package on the company i.e., annual report, employment application, benefit package, job description, etc.

  • A. All primary duties and responsibilities.
  • B. All skill, experience and educational requirements.
  • C. Complete compensation and benefits package.
  • D. All previous and present efforts to hire someone.
  • E. Background of the last two persons hired in a similar position.
  • F. Personality and character traits desired.
  • G. Training programs: initial plus advanced.
  • H. Interviewing process to be used for this position.
  • I. Hiring process to be used for this position.
  • J. Targeted hiring date.
  • K. Targeted starting date.
  • L. We request a complete package on the company, i.e., annual report, employment application; benefit package, job description, etc.


We search our files for possible candidates.

We search the labor force for possible candidates (ideally near job site, saving relocation expenses)

We activate our national network as required for possible candidates. (100+ affiliates).

Our Review and Presentation

We interview, evaluate and prescreen all candidates (average 300 per year per recruiter).

We present by phone all qualified candidates for your consideration.

Process Coordination and Followup

If you are interested in setting up an interview with one of our candidates, we make all of the arrangements necessary to coordinate and expedite said interview.

We prepare both interviewer and candidate for each meeting.

We follow up and critique each interview with both interviewer and candidate.

We arrange and coordinate each subsequent interview as needed throughout the entire interviewing process.

We advise and counsel both prospective employer and employee throughout the entire interviewing process.


We act as your agent negotiating the candidates starting salary to expedite the hiring process, hopefully saving you time.

We transmit your start date and all employment information the new employee will need to start work.

We negotiate and finalize the hiring of each candidate (average acceptance to offer = 90%).

We provide this information to you so you fully understand what we are prepared to do and so you understand the fee charged your company. We will complete this entire process for you and only accept a fee if our candidate is hired. Please note all fees are 100% tax deductible, and normally reduce the actual fee by 25 50% to your company after taxes, i.e., a $7500.00 fee after taxes at 50% = actual cost to the company $3750.00.