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The sheer number of books advising how to "play the interview game" is staggering. The problem with these books is their underlying philosophy is wrong. Interviewing is not a game. It is a process where two parties meet and decide if they want to go forward with the relationship. We do not endorse tricks, games, magic phrases, or any other tools of deception. The goal is not "to get hired." The goal is to get hired into the right situation so you aren't out on the street interviewing again after your first appraisal.

We provide pre-interview counseling with you and with the prospective employer. Among the things we do is make each side aware of the high value of being honest during the interview. We provide post-interview counseling with you and with the prospective employer.

You may be an outstanding software developer, but not a good salesperson. Thus, some miscommunication may arise. We help clarify the issues and address concerns either party may have. Sometimes, one party may have another question for the other but it is awkward to address that question. We take the awkwardness out. Our post-interview counseling also provides valuable feedback to both parties. For example, the employer may not realize Issue X was important to the top two or three candidates. Or, the candidate may not realize Issue Y was an interview-stopper.

In some cases, the candidate simply needs an additional skill and doesn't know it. By using this process, we help the prospective employers and the candidates make the best matches. That's really what this is all about.

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