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JRL combines project knowledge and engineering skills to provide comprehensive engineering services safely, at a better value to the client, and with the economics of each task in mind.

JRL offers a full complement of consulting services either as unique projects or in conjunction with other engineering services.  We tailor our methods of operation to each client's specific requirements, but our assignments usually follow these steps:

Step 1: Discussion of requirements

  • Consultation: A consultation, without cost or obligation, establishes our client's requirements. Our aim is to discover the best research solution for our client's particular needs.
  • Proposal: A written proposal is submitted for client approval. The proposal outlines the assignment, objectives, methods, staffing, project team, time, costs and other commercial arrangements.
  • Supervision: Once a project has been contracted, JRL management establishes methods, objectives and timeframe.

Step 2: Research

  • Data Collection: A list of proposed target contacts is compiled for our client's approval. From our own in-house database, and other external sources, we identify industry, government or other experts such as corporate executives. Where possible, face-to-face interviews are conducted. If geographical, time or cost limits make this impossible, we carry out telephone or fax surveys.
  • Research: Extensive desk research is carried out, based on our in-house information system, on-line resources and external libraries and database systems. Further specialist information can be provided, if required. We work closely with our client at all stages to ensure that the work we produce will be of maximum benefit to them.

Step 3: Analysis and Report

  • Analysis: Once the research is complete, the information is carefully analysed and interpreted by supervising consultants.
  • Report: The information is compiled into a report, along with recommendations, and appendices providing details of all interviews conducted.

Step 4: Presentation

  • Presentation: We present our findings and recommendations according to our client's needs. We can provide written reports, personal presentations, computer disks, electronic transfer or a combination of these.
  • Thorough: JRL has a strong commitment to thorough, clear, and concise presentation of its reports. Supporting statistics are provided and interpreted. Key findings and issues are highlighted and explained. And, the JRL Team will follow-up if more discussion is needed again at a later date.
  • Confidentiality We recognise the importance of client confidentiality. All information obtained during a project is secure.
  • Based on your project requirements, JRL Services can provide other consulting services such as feasibility studies, environmental impact considerations or