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Project Management

Effective management is the key to project success. Construction Management provides an interdisciplinary approach for handling complex projects. As Construction Manager (CM), JRL will operate as your representative.

Management of a major project is a full time activity. Few owners have the time or knowledge to get involved in such detail.JRL will manage those details in your behalf and keep you, the owner, informed of project status and any projected problems which might need to be resolved. JRL will work with you, our client, to keep the project under control from start to finish and through any post construction issues. JRl will coordinate the efforts of the varying disciplines: architects, engineers, planners and a variety of specialists to work together as a project team to oversee design and construction of your project.

In the Pre-construction Phase, JRL will provide the expertise to collect relevant data necessary to define the scope of work for your design intent, We will assist in establishing a base cost for the design, oversee value management initiatives. We will be available to assist in the selection of general contractors invited to participate in the bidding exercise.

During the Construction Phase, JRL will manage the designer-contractor relationship with the goal of delivering a product that retains the design intent, quality and and schedule you have directed. JRL will accomplish this through continual project monitoring of weekly notification of release of subcontracts and tier relationships, early identification of materials availability and purchases, delivery scheduling, regular project construction schedule performance based 3-week look ahead. We will conduct meetings weekly with the architect and contractors to assure the project and all processes are working together, and that issues requiring resolution are addressed. JRL will also provide weekly updates to you, the owner . Our effort will be to keep current meeting minutes and required actions that keeps your project on track.

JRL is dedicated to maintaining Safey Standards on the project. We believe drug testing will prevent problems and encourage owners to include a drug testing program. We have an aggressive fall-protection program, We also provide our employees and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to increase safety, reduce risk and improve loss control on every project we manage.

Monthly, JRL will evaluate Contractor Request for Payment submissions to assure that the requested values do not exceed the work in place. We will monitor closely the distribution of dollars with the assurance that all tiers of involvement are being paid from the dollars paid-to-date. This would mean a waiver of lien would be required from each entity identified as deserving of payment for work performed. This is your protection for claims made against the project by a sub-subcontractor who performed work in good faith and failed to receive just payment. This will be a monthly process that ends with a final waiver of lien.

Changes and claims can break a project budget. JRL will establish a Change Order Management process to reduce the negative effects of any changes which might occur.JRL will analyze the necessity and impact of a change and its impact. JRL will negotiate on your behalf to arrive at a fair price and reasonable time for any changed work.

Contract Administration: JRL will administer construction associated contracts, perform on going estimates, negotiate, supervise, inspect and monitor the project from start to post completion. and overruns thus saving the owner's time and budget.

Project Completion and Post Construction: JRL will conduct or coordinate final inspections and follow-up on any punchlist items. All documents, whether they are a warranty or a final record drawing, are itemized and electronically stored, enabling us to provide you, the client, with closeout information.

SUMMARY: JRL will coordinate all phases and project controls required for your project:

  • The Planning Phase
  • The Pre-Construction Phase
  • Budget and Cost Control Monitoring.
  • Schedule Control and Contractor Coordination.
  • Change Management.
  • Quality and Safety Management.
  • Project Inspection and Closeout Phase.
  • Post Construction Detail Resolution.

J.R.L. Engineering (JRL) has played a key role in the construction management of many Commercial and Industrial Projects, some with small hundred thousand budgets to multi-millian dollar budgets. JRL's experience and diversity of projects, allows us to offer a unique approach to construction management that will avoid the common problems encountered in dealing with the complex intricacies of design and construction.